Audio/Visual Ministry

The Audio/Visual Ministry of WCC exists to support the Worship Ministry and provide professional audio and visual elements during Sunday morning Worship Service.

Ministry Leader: Jeremy Wissmin_jv981b_200x5000

Building & Grounds Ministry

The Building & Grounds Ministry is responsible for those first time impressions and the long term care of the churches facilities.

Ministry Leader: Joe ZoellnerJoe

Care Ministry

The Care Ministry’s main focus is to welcome all visitors to Warrenton Christian Church and make new guests feel welcome and familiar with our church. Our volunteers and resources help make this Step 1 of “Where Friends Become Family.”


Children’s Ministry (K-5th Grade)

“We will tell [the children] the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power and the wonders He has done.” — Psalms 78:4

Ministry Leader: Dorcas Ruffmin_c6z256_100x5000

Christian Education Ministry

The Christian Education Ministry of Warrenton Christian Church exists to grow disciples in the Word of God through intentional teaching of the Word.

Ministry Leader: Gary RuffGary

Finance Ministry

The Finance Ministry is responsible for the financial health of the church, and accomplishes that by educating, teaching and nurturing the body in Biblical Financial practices.

Ministry Leader: Joe ZoellnerJoe

Real Life Student Ministry

REAL LIFE Student Ministry is a gathering for our 6th-12th grade students. We exist to equip our students to bring Jesus into our REAL lives! We get together every Wednesday night for an experience we call FUEL (at 6:30 pm). Together we hang out, play some crazy games, get into God’s Word, and find relevant ways to apply what we are learning into our REAL lives. Every Sunday morning we offer two Bible Classes (at 9:15am) for JR High students and for High School Students where we’ll open our Bibles and explore its life-shaping truths in an open conversation format. And of course from time to time we’ll get outide the walls of the Church to SERVE, hit up some concerts to WORSHIP, and meet up for some CRAZY fun times!

Ministry Leader: Josh Guinnmin_j32u79_100x5000

LifeGroups Ministry

LifeGroups exist to promote spiritual growth. LifeGroups are a great place to connect with a small group of people for: Scripture, accountability, great food and great conversation. In a word, when you are growing in a LifeGroup, you experience life “TOGETHER”. Our LifeGroups meet throughout the week in various homes in Warren and Montgomery Counties.

Ministry Leader: LifeGroup Leadersmin_71vr31_100x5000

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry of Warrenton Christian Church exists to proclaim and encourage men to fulfill the standard God’s Word sets for men. We will seek to encourage, relate, and spur active use of the gifts that God has equipped each of us in the way we serve our home, our church and our community.ion

Ministry Leader: Aaron Deimundmin_xrne7q_100x5000

Mission Ministry

The Mission Ministry of Warrenton Christian Church exists to further the Kingdom of God to the “ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8) by prayerfully and financially supporting ministries outside of WCC with 10% of the church’s tithes and offerings specifically to missions each week.

Ministry Leader: Gary Ruff


Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry is to be available to meet every new challenge that comes our way; to guide others to be encouraged & lifted up, by sharing with them what scripture says about having direction through the Holy Spirit…

Ministry Leader: David Lee

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry of Warrenton Christian Church exists to proclaim and encourage God’s Love to women. We will seek to share God’s love not only with each other in the church, but also in our community. Women’s Ministry will encourage, relate, and spur active use of the gifts that God has equipped each of us in the way we serve our church and our community.

Ministry Leader: Becky Oliver